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Sage Tree Care is proud to partner with discriminating home owners that value the high quality tree care we provide. Sage Tree Care carries general liability and workers compensation insurance. We build a custom solution for each customer; our residential services include:

Crown Cleaning: Widely used term in the industry that includes pruning out dead, broken, crossing branches. Pine trees and palms in Arizona routinely need crown cleaning.

Crown Thinning: Many varieties of trees grown in the Valley are prone to developing thick and heavy canopies. Crown thinning is selectively removing branches to lighten the end weight on a branch and open the canopy.

Structural Pruning: Pruning a tree from an engineering perspective. Trees don’t fail in storm events solely because they are too big, or too tall; they fail because the canopy is not able to dissipate wind energy effectively. Structural pruning deals with this critical issue. Some branches that would be pruned under this guideline:

1. Weekly attached branches. Includes narrow crotch angles, co-dominate stems with included bark.

2. Crossing and intertwined branches.

3. Branches spaced too close together on a main trunk.

4. Watersprouts and growth arising from past “Topping cuts.”

Our crews are trained to recognize these weak branches while taking into account the tree’s natural tendencies in order make pruning cuts that will best maximize each tree’s unique structure.

Removals: There are several reasons to remove a tree and we will consult first to help with this sometimes emotional and difficult decision.

Palms: We trim all varieties of palms and fertilize Queen Palms as needed.

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